Frequently Asked Questions

More Information about Your Lashes and Oculash Application


Q. How do I apply OcuLash?

A. The suggested use is to apply OcuLash along the lash line or over the brow area twice per day for the first 6 weeks, then apply nightly thereafter.

Q. How long does it take to see results with OcuLash?

A. You should see an improvement in the “plumping” of your lashes or brows immediately. Customers have reported a noticeable difference in lash and/or brow health in 2-8 weeks.

Q. What should I do if I experience some stinging on my lash line when applying OcuLash?

A. If you have any stinging sensation, it should diminish within a few minutes. If stinging persists and there is redness and irritation, discontinue use and consult a physician.

Q. What should I do if some of the OcuLash gel gets into my eyes?

A. Normally, there is no irritation if gel gets into the eyes. If irritation occurs, simply rinse with water. If your irritation persists, consult your physician.

Q. Are there any contraindications?

A. OcuLash should not be used on open wounds or lesions or skin that is irritated or compromised in any way.

Q. What if I do not apply OcuLash as directed?

A. You will still get results, but a consistent routine, using OcuLash as directed, will give you faster and better results.

Q. What happens if I discontinue use of OcuLash?

A. Your lashes and brows will continue to appear longer and fuller until the next growth cycle.

Q. Will using OcuLash more often than as directed give me faster results?

A. No, using OcuLash as directed should produce great results.

Lash & Brow Facts


They are the same as other hair.

Like all the human hair, eyelashes and brows are biological polymers, about 10% water and 90% proteins, such as keratins and melanins, substances that give hair its color.


They fall out naturally.

Real eyelashes shed on a 30-day cycle, so your lashes will fall out naturally.


They fall out daily.

Losing 3 to 5 lashes a day is normal.


They are continually growing and being replaced.

Lashes and brows have a 3-phase growth cycle: the “growing phase” lasts about 45 days, and is followed by a “declining phase” when growth stops for about 3-4 weeks, and a final 2 week “sheading phase” when the follicle rests and the lash falls out. After this period, a new cycle begins, and the hair is regenerated. At approximately 3 months, an eyelash’s growth cycle is much shorter than the hair on your head — which is one reason lashes do not grow very long.


They protect your eyes.

Eyelashes keep dirt, sweat, water, and other unwanted debris out of the way.


The upper and lower lashes are different.

The top eyelid has 200-300 lashes and much fuller than the lower eyelid (100).


They vary in length.

Middle lashes are much longer than side lashes. The longest eyelash on record was 2.75” long and the average lash length is about 10 millimeters (0.4”).


We have been styling them since 4,000 BC.

 Early eyelash tools have been found in Ancient Egypt, but modern eye cosmetics, as we know them, were created in 1913.

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